About Fiona

Fiona Hare is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, hang drum, percussion and didgeridoo and is also well known a sound therapist and recording artist. She has performed in and around South Africa. As a sound therapist she has developed an ability for overtone singing.

Fiona is also an expert in facilitating interactive drum circles for team-building and the therapeutic use of sound in corporations. She has produced and recorded CDs combining meditative world music, composed for relaxation and upliftment. Her work has received acclaim from musicians and therapists worldwide.

Fiona is happiest performing at events and functions & facilitating Sound Journeys. She lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

To book, order music, photography or ceramics:

  • Email: fiona.jhare@gmail.com
  • Buy Album on Itunes: The Wylde
  • Phone: 082 457 7472
  • Bank details: Fiona Hare, Standard Bank, Branch Code: 051001. Account Number: 271183225