Sound Journey

Sound Journey using an array of instruments.

Native American Prayer Flute, Australian Didgeridoo, South African Rain Stick, Sacred Shaman Drum, Tibeten Singing Bowls, Zimbabwe Finger Piano, Hang Drum and Chakra Tuning Forks. Enjoy an incredible hour of Sound as you go inward on a Journey of deep relaxation. 

Sacred Music is music that inspires a person to rise into their highest way of being. Incorporating the ancient and sacred technique of Mantra, Fiona’s songs bring deep healing and open doors of personal transformation in the listener/practitioner. Mantra is a long time “medicine” used by thousands around the world as a tool to help heal from pain and reach beyond it to truly receive the gift of life. Fiona’s calling is to share music and practices with others to facilitate deep healing and personal growth of each person who wants it. Profound heart-opening voice and music conveys innocence, authenticity, and devotion to listeners, bringing you into a state of bliss and healing.